August 2014 1st Sunday Meeting

.August 2014

1st Sunday meeting

If you could not make it, here is what you missed!

Small Groups

Active Small Groups let the office know your contact person and when and where you meet. If your group does not have a regular meeting time and place, let the office know that too. Remember, you do not have to meet on Sunday night, you can meet any time.  If you are not part of a small group and feel like starting a new one, now would be the perfect time!


There are several people in the congregation that need a ride to church on Sunday Mornings and for other church events.  If you are able to provide transportation let the office know.

 Wednesday Night Meals

Wednesday night activities will start again on August 27th. (That is in three weeks!) Audra Overstreet is organizing the meals. She needs volunteers to help with food prep, set-up, and clean-up each week. If everyone pitches in, then no one should have to do more than one or two weeks.  A lot of people have offered to help, but we still need you to sign up for a particular date.  There will be a sign up sheet in the foyer for you to claim the date you want or you can contact Audra.

UCC Turns 50 in 2015

UCC will turn 50 in September of 2015.  We have started to form a committee to plan for the big event.  Ann Dee Overstreet will head up the committee.  So far, Kay Goldsmith and Stephen Frazier have volunteered to help.  If anyone else is interested in helping let Ann Dee know.

Food Pantry

The food pantry has been busy.  The food we received from the Postal Service food drive in May will be gone by the end of this month. Please bring donations of food or money to the office during the week or to church on Sundays to help us restock.

The food pantry hours have also changed from 10 am – 2 pm on Thursday and Friday to Wednesday from 10 am-2 pm.  The office still needs volunteers to help during those hours.  We also need volunteers to help shop for groceries when we receive monetary donations.  Let Tammi know if you can help.

Semi-Annual Report.

If you want to see how we have been doing for the first half of 2014 you can pick up a copy of UCC’s first Semi-Annual report in the foyer.


The suggestion boxes have been removed, but the leadership still wants to get your input.  If you have a comment or suggestion you can give it to an elder or deacon.  You can also put them in the offering plate on Sunday. 

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